No, Not One


There is none like You, O Lord! There is none. There is nothing in the heavens that can compare to Your glory. Nothing on the face of the earth or in the waters deep can compete with Your name. There are no stars or sun that can outshine Your light. No darkness can hinder Your brightness. The deepest ocean can never hold the depths of Your love. The grandeur of the highest mountain doesn’t compare to Your majesty.

No power of the enemy of our souls can match the power of our Lord. His best scheme pales in comparison to the plans of the Lord. His traps are worthless in the eyes of our Savior. He failed to keep Jesus in the grave. The Father’s plan was complete. The work of the Lord reached down through the ages as He cried out “It is finished!” on the cross. The enemy lost and our Lord reigns supreme.

He calls His people to a walk of holiness and righteousness. His ways are perfect. His words are truth. No path is too difficult or too hard for He is always with us. The waters parted at the sound of His voice. Even the bottom of the seas relinquished their moisture allowing His children to walk through on dry land. Yet no enemy could follow their path as the seas swept them away.

The slaves learned freedom in spite of their chains for His joy set their spirits free in a way no man could. No walls could withstand the power of His might as displayed in Jericho. Yet, for a lowly prostitute the fallen walls released her to a new life. The foreigner found a home full of love with hope for her future as she followed the God of her beloved mother-in-law. With a handful of hand chosen godly men, Gideon defeated God’s enemy. If the Lord is for us then truly what enemy can be against us? Goliath fell as the young shepherd stood in the name of his God.

Salvation, redemption, mercy, and grace flow from the throne of the Lord. His love is overwhelming and none can compare. Whiter than snow our soul becomes as we seek His forgiveness. The weight of our sins is freed from our hearts as He covers us with His divine blood. No other power on earth can release our burdens and weight that we carried and lay at His feet.

No, there is no one like the Lord God we serve. No other love will ever compare. His light will guide us through the darkest of times. His name calms our souls in the stormiest night. His Word provides all the wisdom we need. No one compares to the Lord we serve. Nothing can withstand the power of our God. Rest in His love today as you walk His path. Remember and plant it deep in your heart. No one compares to the God our Lord.



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