Holding On!


I believe. I believe that our God is more than able to meet any need in our life. Even when the answers don’t come, I still believe. Though the years seem to drift by without any change, I still believe that our God is able. I believe that our God is more than capable to do the impossible. Even when it hasn’t happen, it doesn’t change my mind or my heart that I believe.

When our past holds us captives like slaves with no hope in sight, our God frees us with His eternal love. When the enemy is nipping at our heels and we see the overwhelming waters ahead, He is able to push aside the hindrances as if they were simply a fiber blowing on the breeze. As we walk in that dry desert place needing a touch from His Presence, the living water from the Rock will flow out to meet our needs. His manna will feed even as His Presence will be known to surround us. When our barrenness seems to be endless like Hannah before the birth of her Samuel; He sends words of release.

No enemy can withstand Him. No body of water can hinder His will. No mountain is higher than His arms reaching out in compassion. No ocean is deeper than His love. No wind can blow away His mercy. The sun cannot outshine the magnificent of His light, nor can darkness overcome His light. Peace beyond understanding stands strong in the face of storms.

When all hope was gone at Lazarus’ tomb, with a single phrase the dead arose to life again. As the lame was lowered through the roof one night, at a single command he stood upright before our Lord. A withered hand became whole once more as he reached out toward our Savior and Lord. A simple touch of His garment healed the issue of blood which flowed for so many years. “Be thou clean,” released the leper from the judgment of sin. The blind could see, and the deaf could hear. No demon could remain when our Lord said “GO!”

“It is finished,” were the words He proclaimed as He laid His life down for the likes of you and me. The enemy could not kill Him. Death could not hold Him. The grave could not keep Him. No power on earth could withstand the supremacy of our Lord.
Yes, even though I might not see what my heart cries out for, I still believe. And on those days when my heart grows weary and my spirit is tired, I will still cry out the same words spoken in Mark 9:24 “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!” He is more than able to heal any disease, and touch any heart. So stand and loudly proclaim, “Lord, I believe!, Yes, Lord, I believe!” See More


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