What Say You


You know when the Lord ask us a question He expects an answer. The first question He ministered to my heart Sunday morning was “Is my arm too short to save?” The second question He ministered was “Is My Word too weak to convict?” As He speaks to our hearts each one of us realizes the only proper answer would me “No, Lord.” Yet, do we truly believe that deep within our heart? Are we willing to stand in faith on ALL of His promises not only for our self, but also for every member of our family?

His Word is powerful and nothing can change that. No power on earth or below has the ability to stop what the Lord speaks. This has been true since before the world was formed. Who else has the ability to simply speak and bring a universe to life? Can you speak and make something out of nothing? No, but the God we serve can. He spoke to the sun, moon, and stars and separated the night and the day. What makes you think He will fail to shine His light in the darkest times of our life?

Abraham heard the voice of the Lord calling him out to a new land. Joseph discovered God’s plan for mercy even when his brothers meant him harm. Delivering God’s message, Moses “Let My people go” and Pharaoh had to relent. Joshua followed God’s instructions and crossed the Jordan into the Promise Land. Following God’s instructions, Gideon defeated a mighty foe. As Hannah wept over her barrenness, God heard her cry and soon she brought forth a long-awaited child. Delivering Rahab from prostitution, she found a family. Ruth discovered a hope for her future, a home, and a new love.

The Lord spoke and a lowly shepherd boy became king of Israel. David stood before a giant with only the Word of the Lord and a sling and five stones. The odds for a mere man; impossible, but when the Lord speaks He will fight your battles. Closing the mouths of the lions, Daniel knew the protection of his God. Walking in the fire with the three Hebrews, they came out without a single hair singed or the clothing scorched.

Called from the womb John the Baptist proclaimed the coming of the Messiah. Calling Matthew to follow Him, he left a life of sin behind. Jesus called Peter to become a fisher of men. Blessing the fish and loaves, Jesus feed thousand with food to spare. As He spoke out of the blinding light, conviction filled the heart of the persecutor, who turned and proclaimed Jesus was Lord. The sick were healed, the lepers were cleansed, the blind gained sight, the deaf heard, the mute spoke, and the dead arose.

If we are seeking for direction for our life, He will make His way clear. It will never contradict His Word or lead us into sin. His Word promises to be a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. In addition, His promises are true down through the ages. The Lord has never failed even one of His children since the beginning of time and He is not going to start now. He has a call on every single one of us. Too many want to warm a pew and wait for the Lord to use someone else. The reasons are varied. I can’t do it but often the truth is I am afraid to try. It’s not my job; simply saying I just am not going to try. We can make all the excuses we want but the call doesn’t change.

Is His Word too weak to work in your life? No, but as you seek His face, you must be willing to lay self aside. Do you need answers, dig into His word. Want to know more about the Lord you serve, feast upon His truths. He has the answer for every need you have. He will guide your steps. He will guard your back. No one and nothing will ever care for you as the Lord. Stand on His promises. Proclaim His Word over your life and the life of your loved ones and then stand in faith.



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