Climb Aboard!


Are you ready, ready for the ride of your life with the Lord? As you press in deeper into the Word, feasting on His messages, spending more time in prayer and worship, you will discover things about the Lord and yourself than you have never known before. You will learn how the Lord is moving in your life and in your family and friends. Discovering will be a part of your spiritual walk. You will experience aspects of the Lord in a deeper and often surprising way.

Too many of us try to box the Lord with our limited knowledge. When, in all honesty, the Lord boxes us. He will use situations in our life to reveal our hearts as He sees them. Our boxes get our attention and sometimes bring correction to us. Unfortunately, too many people have the attitude that The Lord would never do that. Well, how do you explain Jonah? Here was a man, called to be a spokesman for the Lord, yet as soon as he hears God’s instructions, he hits the road to the nearest port. Then in the midst of the storm, he finds himself struggling in the water, and finds himself in the belly of a fish. Can you even imagine? Finally, Jonah cries out in repentance and vows to complete his mission.

Rahab, trapped in a city destined for destruction, wanted more in her life than her past. She was determined to learn more about this “God of the Israelites”. For forty years, tales of their great exploits rippled throughout the land. Stepping out in faith, she saved the spies. Saving the lives of her family was her reward. Rahab saw mercy, and grace even in the midst of the battle.
As the disciples sat trapped in a small boat in the midst of the storm, there were no answers in sight. Then suddenly, the Lord appears walked on the water. Hopelessness suddenly became hope as they discovered nothing would prevent the Lord from meeting their need.

As we dig into the Word, it will be planted deep into our heart and spirit. We discover that as we talk with others, the Holy Spirit will bring to our memory verses that we can share to minister to others. In our prayer time, we will be able to stand on His word and promises. We will discover just how little we really know about the God we serve. We will see the depth of His love and the importance of His perfect sacrifice. How great His love for each one of us will become more evident than ever. Then truthfully, the more we dig, the more we will realize just how little we have known until this point.

Praise and worship will become greater as we pour out our love for the Lord. We will learn to enter His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise. Then, His Presence will pour over us as we bend our knees before the Lord of lords and King of kings. Yes, as we press into more of the Lord, we will grow, mature, and become more Christ-like. His light will shine through us. Yes, it is time for the ride of our life.



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