And Your Answer is?


It was just a regular ride to church this morning until the Lord dropped two questions in my heart. At first, my thought was “Okay, Lord, exactly what are You are showing me?” He ministered a little more and I knew who to share it with at church. However, since that time, He has continued to minister that it was for more than just one or two people.

“Is My arm too short?” Those were the first words that came to me, yet a little more quickly followed. “Is My arm too short to save?” How would you answer that question? Oh, we know what the answer should be. In fact, there is absolutely no doubt that the answer should be. “NO! Lord, Your arm is not too short!” We know the answer; however do we truly believe it? Do we have a real grasp of what the Lord is capable of doing, especially when it pertains to our own life or the life of our loved one?

Too often, we believe the Lord is more than able to answer prayers for other, but somehow we fail to see the reality that He is just as able to answer ours. We believe that He is able to heal some sicknesses, but what about the biggies that comes up against us. We believe that He will use someone else to touch a lost soul, but not us. We believe He will minister to the nice woman we speak to at the store, but not so much the drunk down the street.

Yet, is it true – is His arm too short? If He can touch the hearts of others, He is more than able to touch the heart of our lost loved ones. If He can heal the sick across the sea, why would you think it is different for you? If He can deliver the drug addict in the darkest part of the city, He will do the same for your son or daughter, niece or nephew or brother or sister. His arm stretched across the universe, He is more than able to reach you, your loved ones, and your friends. He is even able to reach out to the unlovable, the sin-sick, and those who need salvation throughout this world.

Think about all those impossible situations throughout Scriptures. Noah and his family found safety in the midst of a devastating flood. Abraham and Sarah gave birth to the promise an heir. Jacob found the Angel of the Lord in the darkest night of his life. Moses found God’s presence in the midst of a burning bush. The children of Israel discovered dried ground at the bottom of the Red Sea and again at the Jordan. Joshua saw the power of the Lord at the wall of Jericho. Mary carried a child of the Holy Spirit to give birth to the Messiah.

John the Baptist found the One who was to come after him. Mary Magdalene discovered that no demon from hell could stand before the presence of Jesus. The grave clothes could not hinder Lot when the Lord spoke “Come forth!” The disciples comprehended the lordship of their Teacher in the midst of the stormy sea. Prison doors couldn’t hold those unjustly accused and imprisoned. Every need supplied. Every cry heard.

Our God is more than able to tear down every wall of hopelessness. Pressing into more of the Lord every doubt is destroyed. As we seek His face, He hears the cries of His people. As we pray asking for guidance, He will show the way. No; the arm of our Lord is never too short. He is able to reach across the ages of time and minister hope, joy, peace and grace. Stand in faith, knowing that our God is more than able.

And as for the 2nd question! Check back tomorrow!



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