For You


Do you have that special verse that always seems to encourage your heart? Or perhaps it’s an Biblical event that reassures you that no matter what you are going through that the Lord is watching over you. For some people, a special song stirs their heart and brings joy and peace. Each time the Lord uses this distinctive verse or story, He comforts you in ways that only another believer could understand. Moreover, the wonderful thing is that two people may have the same verse or story but how the Lord uses it will be completely different. How can that be? The reason is simple that as we know, no two people are the same. Our life’s experiences may be similar but how they affect us varies from person to person.

When trials come, it is easy to become fearful and weary. Often, without realizing it, we rush here and there trying to figure out what our next step should be, but then the Lord reminds us of this one verse. Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. Waiting on the Lord is one of the hardest things in the world to do and yet, when we obey and wait for Him, we discover just how much He cares and loves us. We find a strength that we know doesn’t come from within, but a divine strength that empowers us to stand even in the face of adversity.

For others their heart is stirred by this simple verse; John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. This verse holds so much promise and love. When we see our name in the place of certain words such as “For God so loved me,” the verse becomes personal and intimate as we walk with the Lord. As the saying goes, “I know that I know that I know … that no matter whoever doesn’t want or accept me on earth that my Heavenly Father has always loved and wants me and always will.”

Sometimes a Biblical account that happened long ago reminds us of His protection and guidance even in the hardest of times. Joseph endured so much hardship in his short life. He suffered betrayal, hatred, and misunderstandings by the very people who should have loved him. Unfortunately, his suffering did not stop there. He was unjustly imprisoned, maligned, and forgotten. But then he saw the hand of the Lord move on his behalf. From the dungeon to the palace of Pharaoh, Joseph saw the hand of his God Jehovah move. Joseph’s brothers meant harm, but the Lord used it for His glory. He made a way through Joseph’s hardships to prepare for His people’s future. Take a moment and examine your own life. Have you ever seen the Lord use those hard times in your life to minister to others later? No matter how horrible or hard things become in our life, when we seek after the Lord with all our heart, He will take these events and use them for His glory.

Maybe a song touches your heart. “Jesus Paid it All” has touched countless hearts for generations. No one could ever pay the price of your sin or mine. Who else would take the suffering that Jesus did on your behalf? Many brave souls have stood in the path of danger, but not even one was without sin except our Lord Jesus Christ. He was the Spotless Lamb of God that came to carry the sins of the world to the cross. With every lash, punch, hair plucked out, the Lord paid for your shortcomings, your sins and transgressions. At the cross, He paid it all. ? He paid it all out of love for you.

How the Lord touches your spirit and heart is unique you. You are special to Him. His love has waited for you down through the ages and no one can fill your spot in His heart. Hold on to His promises. Hold on to all that He has shown you. He has never turned His back on you and He never will. You are His and no one can every remove you from His hands. You are loved.



Holding On!


I believe. I believe that our God is more than able to meet any need in our life. Even when the answers don’t come, I still believe. Though the years seem to drift by without any change, I still believe that our God is able. I believe that our God is more than capable to do the impossible. Even when it hasn’t happen, it doesn’t change my mind or my heart that I believe.

When our past holds us captives like slaves with no hope in sight, our God frees us with His eternal love. When the enemy is nipping at our heels and we see the overwhelming waters ahead, He is able to push aside the hindrances as if they were simply a fiber blowing on the breeze. As we walk in that dry desert place needing a touch from His Presence, the living water from the Rock will flow out to meet our needs. His manna will feed even as His Presence will be known to surround us. When our barrenness seems to be endless like Hannah before the birth of her Samuel; He sends words of release.

No enemy can withstand Him. No body of water can hinder His will. No mountain is higher than His arms reaching out in compassion. No ocean is deeper than His love. No wind can blow away His mercy. The sun cannot outshine the magnificent of His light, nor can darkness overcome His light. Peace beyond understanding stands strong in the face of storms.

When all hope was gone at Lazarus’ tomb, with a single phrase the dead arose to life again. As the lame was lowered through the roof one night, at a single command he stood upright before our Lord. A withered hand became whole once more as he reached out toward our Savior and Lord. A simple touch of His garment healed the issue of blood which flowed for so many years. “Be thou clean,” released the leper from the judgment of sin. The blind could see, and the deaf could hear. No demon could remain when our Lord said “GO!”

“It is finished,” were the words He proclaimed as He laid His life down for the likes of you and me. The enemy could not kill Him. Death could not hold Him. The grave could not keep Him. No power on earth could withstand the supremacy of our Lord.
Yes, even though I might not see what my heart cries out for, I still believe. And on those days when my heart grows weary and my spirit is tired, I will still cry out the same words spoken in Mark 9:24 “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!” He is more than able to heal any disease, and touch any heart. So stand and loudly proclaim, “Lord, I believe!, Yes, Lord, I believe!” See More

What’s the Time


Did you realize that our God is always on time? He is never too early, nor is He too late. The answer might not be what we want, but it will be God’s perfect answer. The answer might bring joy or sorrow, but in His perfect wisdom and insight, He sees the whole picture while we see only a fragment. Unfortunately, as humans, we often focus on the negative and fail to see beyond the moment, especially when it involves a loved one suffering or our life being turned upside down.

We often forget that we live in a fallen world. Too many Christians believe that because of their relationship with the Lord, that we should be free of the hardships of this world. However, the Word speaks of the rain falling on the just and the unjust. Jesus himself stated that there would always be poor in the world. Take time to look at the early church, they were persecuted, hunted, imprisoned and killed. The same thing is happening in many places overseas today and we are seeing an onset of these events in the United Stated even now.

Before Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden, they knew no pain, no sorrow, and no suffering. However, after the fall, everything changed. A friend recently shared just a tiny bit about a few changes that took place. She shared her opinion that poison ivy was not poisonous until the fall. The animals lived in peace eating the vegetation and not each other. Think about it for a moment, God cursed the ground immediately after the fall. Every aspect of the world as Adam and Eve knew changed in that instant.

Because of Adam and Eve’s disobedience, pain and suffering entered into the world. Forced out of Eden, Eve soon experienced the intense pain of childbirth. How quickly, sin became rampant in this fallen world. Within one generation, the very first murder took place. Cain, angry with God, took his frustration and rage out on his brother and sin simply became a part of the world. Moreover, it is still true today. We live in a fallen world, full of people who are sin-sick and need a Savior.

God knew that Eve would fail, and Adam would quickly follow, but He had given them free choice. He wants each one of us to come to Him willingly. We are not controlled, or manipulated. We are not robots who are helpless at the whim of our master. When sin is exposed in our life, we have one of two choices to make. Either, we see our need for a Savior and allow the Lord to use it in our life; or we turn, tuck tail, and run the other way refusing to admit that sin is destroying us. Those are the only two choices. There is no fence! We cannot stand with one foot in the world and one foot in the kingdom of God. It is not a half and half decision. On our own, we will totally and completely fail and fall flat on our face and hopeless.

Yet, the Lord did not leave us hopeless. He promised a way to salvation and redemption. He promised to send His own Son, Jesus, to make a way of deliverance for our sin-weary souls. His promises are just as true today as they were thousands of years ago. Jesus came as the Spotless Lamb of God and carried ever sin and trespass to the cross for you and me. He carried the burdens of our sins upon His shoulders. As we cry out with the prayer of repentance, He frees us from the pain and agony of our past. Do we still fall short of walking a holy life? Yes, we are still human and live in a fallen world. However, we now have an Advocate who meets us when we cry out. We have a hope for our future.

I pray you remember this: He hears your cries, sees your pain and suffering. The Words states that He catches your tears and places them in a bottle. Every single tear is precious to our Lord and Savior. He knows your heart and hurts with you. He is always by your side even at those times you feel deserted. When your heart cries out, He hears you. His answer is on the way, but like a parent sometimes the answer is yes, or no. Therefore, there is one final question. Are we willing to accept the ‘No’; even when our heart is screaming “No, God, that’s no how it should be!” As hard as it is, no matter how much it breaks our heart to accept His answers, we must be willing because in the long run “Father really does know best!”


No, Not One


There is none like You, O Lord! There is none. There is nothing in the heavens that can compare to Your glory. Nothing on the face of the earth or in the waters deep can compete with Your name. There are no stars or sun that can outshine Your light. No darkness can hinder Your brightness. The deepest ocean can never hold the depths of Your love. The grandeur of the highest mountain doesn’t compare to Your majesty.

No power of the enemy of our souls can match the power of our Lord. His best scheme pales in comparison to the plans of the Lord. His traps are worthless in the eyes of our Savior. He failed to keep Jesus in the grave. The Father’s plan was complete. The work of the Lord reached down through the ages as He cried out “It is finished!” on the cross. The enemy lost and our Lord reigns supreme.

He calls His people to a walk of holiness and righteousness. His ways are perfect. His words are truth. No path is too difficult or too hard for He is always with us. The waters parted at the sound of His voice. Even the bottom of the seas relinquished their moisture allowing His children to walk through on dry land. Yet no enemy could follow their path as the seas swept them away.

The slaves learned freedom in spite of their chains for His joy set their spirits free in a way no man could. No walls could withstand the power of His might as displayed in Jericho. Yet, for a lowly prostitute the fallen walls released her to a new life. The foreigner found a home full of love with hope for her future as she followed the God of her beloved mother-in-law. With a handful of hand chosen godly men, Gideon defeated God’s enemy. If the Lord is for us then truly what enemy can be against us? Goliath fell as the young shepherd stood in the name of his God.

Salvation, redemption, mercy, and grace flow from the throne of the Lord. His love is overwhelming and none can compare. Whiter than snow our soul becomes as we seek His forgiveness. The weight of our sins is freed from our hearts as He covers us with His divine blood. No other power on earth can release our burdens and weight that we carried and lay at His feet.

No, there is no one like the Lord God we serve. No other love will ever compare. His light will guide us through the darkest of times. His name calms our souls in the stormiest night. His Word provides all the wisdom we need. No one compares to the Lord we serve. Nothing can withstand the power of our God. Rest in His love today as you walk His path. Remember and plant it deep in your heart. No one compares to the God our Lord.


Hang On


“He will never change. It is too late!” “ She has always been that way. I don’t think anything will ever change her.” Too often, we give up on people that we care about deeply. We want to see change come into their life. Their struggle is real, and could be the result of a number of causes. However, at some point, we look at their lives and hopelessness fills our heart for them. We can only see how things look in the natural.

“I might as well give up. It is hopeless!” Often that same attitude permeates our own hearts toward our self. We see our shortcomings and failures and quickly give up. How often have you looked at yourself in a mirror and questioned “Why?” Why do I do these things? I hate how I act. I despise my attitude. I am so stupid and dumb.”

Yet, there was a saying many years ago and it is still true today. God doesn’t make mistakes. You are not here by accident and neither is you loved ones or friends. The Lord knew even before the foundation of the world of your birth. He saw your life down through the ages and planned for you. Is your life perfect? NO! No one’s life is perfect. We live in a fallen world. We make wrong decisions and choose to walk down paths that are not of the Lord’s choosing. However, that does not change the truth that we are unique and the Lord has a plan for your life.

One of the most wonderful gifts we have as humans is free choice. We are free to choose our paths and our own decisions. We can’t change our height, facial appearance or even shoe size. We can’t change who our parents were. We can’t change what we were taught or not taught. We can’t change what our parents believed or what they even wanted us to believe. But, as adults, we can decide where we go from here.

Take the child of an alcoholic or a drug abuser. Society wants us to believe that their offspring will be like them, that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. However, that is just a lie from the enemy. With the help of the Lord, we can rise above these past issues and become all the Lord desires of our life. We do not have to stay in the muck and mire of generational junk. The Word promises that when we call out to the Lord, He meets our needs and changes us. We become a new creature in Christ.

The Lord will never give up on you. Your spouse may walk away. Your child may turn their back on you. Parents may disown you. Siblings may shut the door in your face. Friends may ignore you. Others may shun you especially when you are at your worse. However, rest in this. The Lord will never turn His back on you. You are His child. His love is never ending. He promises never to leave you. EVER!

He can take the worst of times and use them for His glory. Joseph sold into slavery, spent years in prison, and yet saw the Lord turned his life around. Yet the man who spent years away from his family and loved ones was in a position to save not only the people in his new country but his entire family. Through the power of the Lord, Joseph had prepared the entire nation for severe drought. Moses, known as a murderer, yet God turned his life around at the burning bush. David was known as a rebel, but the Lord raised him up as a king.

No one is outside the reach of the Lord; not a single man, woman or child. No one is to dumb, too stupid, or too far-gone. Look at Hezekiah’s son Manasseh, king of Judah. Scripture states that he was a vile king, one of the most evil kings known. He built altars to foreign gods, caused his sons to walk through fire. He dealt in witchcraft, mediums (people who ‘talked’ to the dead), fortune telling, and all manners of evil. Yet the day came when he called out to the Lord. 2 Chronicles 33:12-13 Now when he was in affliction, he implored the LORD his God, and humbled himself greatly before the God of his fathers, and prayed to Him; and He received his entreaty, heard his supplication, and brought him back to Jerusalem into his kingdom. Then Manasseh knew that the LORD was God.

He knew that the Lord was God. He lived his whole life chasing after the things of the world and yet the Lord still showed mercy when he humbled himself before the Lord. To those around him, they probably felt it was too late, that he would never change. Yet, in the eyes of the Lord, as long as there was breath, there was hope. That truth stands today. It is not too late to turn, humble yourself before the Living God.

Hope – just four little letters but such a powerful word. Hope, putting our trust and confidence in the Lord we serve. Hope, walking in the security of knowing the Lord we serve is always with us. Hope is something that we carry within our heart. Hope something that no one can take from us. Yes, hope in the Lord as never before; for yourself, your loved ones and your friends. Hang onto to it.

H – Holding
O – on to the
P – Promises of the
E – Eternal God.


Even So, Press In!


Jesus revealed His people would do greater acts then He did. He expected His people and His church at large to flow in the things of the Spirit. Even now, He waits in anticipation to see the church rise up and become what they were meant to be from the very beginning. Somehow, we have fallen short of the Lord’s plan and desire for His people. I don’t know about you but I am tired of the lack of anointing and power within the church at large. Yes, there are churches that do see the flow of the Spirit with lives being touched and changed for eternity’s sake. However many places of worship have become museums, with only memories of their past. They talk about how it was years ago when the saints would “pray through.” Members reminiscence with old memories and how the Spirit moved in their midst years ago.

To sum it up in one root word what is missing in too many lives and in our churches is change. Change quickly came to the people gathered in the Upper Room. Those individuals walked into that place and joined hearts in one accord and in prayer. Look at the results of the early church in Acts; because of their obedience, 120 men, women, and children saw their entire world change. The 120 quickly became 3,120 and Scripture reveals that they added to their numbers daily. Where is that power today?

Where are the prayer warriors? Yes, there are intercessors that will stand in the gap crying out before the throne of grace. Yes, we are called to pray as individuals but the Word states that where two or more are gathered in His name, He is in their midst. We are also called to join heart with others in prayer. Look at the verse just prior to verse 20 in Matthew 18:19-20 Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father, which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

However many churches have let their prayer meetings fall by the wayside. Why? The answer is simple, a lack of commitment. Truthfully, prayer is not easy; it is costly. It confronts sin in the hearts of those who participate. The reason is simple you cannot enter into the presence of the Lord and not see the shortcomings in your own life. Prayer takes time. People are too busy doing their own thing to come together interceding and cry out for a move of the Lord. Everyone wants prayer but few are willing to take the time to cry out to the Lord themselves.

The biggest problem is simple. There is sin within the walls of the church and no one deals with it. Recently, while waiting for a church service to begin, several people behind me were talking in general. Then the conversation changed. “Oh no, I haven’t talked to her. Didn’t you know? We had a big blow out and so did Agnes (not the real name). She told them….” We live in a day and age where sin is readily accepted as the norm. Gossip is rampant in our midst.

Sin is winked at and even laughed at in some circles. Grudges and un-forgiveness is another major problem. “Well you know how so-and-so is when they get angry.” Individuals verbally and emotionally attack other believers in a fit of rage because of an offense. They don’t want to deal with the issue, but simply lash out and wound someone else as they have been hurt. These individuals walk through the doors of the assembly carrying the weight of grudges held onto for years. If we had the ability to see in the Spirit, their chains of un-forgiveness would be massive. Yet, they continue to spread their ‘poison’ because no one wants to confront or get on their bad side.

Another major issue is manipulation. Someone wants to be in the limelight and they will stab others in the back to do so. Their intent is obvious to many but unfortunately, leadership is either blind to the issue or too fearful to deal with it. Many years ago, acts of manipulation destroyed a church. One couple wielded their “tithe’ as their weapon of choice. Leadership was informed how their “tithe money” could be used. Often, the wife proclaimed, “I will pray you out of this church,” to several individuals including the pastor during their power play and leadership did nothing. Why? Fear ruled the leadership because the money was needed more than the need for uprightness.

Evidence of a growing church is not about the numbers. You can add the names of every single individual that walks through the church doors to your membership registry and still fail as a church. Yes, that is a strong statement but it is absolute truth. I repeat, it is NOT about the numbers. It is about changed hearts. It is about people who have made a 180 degree turn around and are seeking the Lord. It is about individuals who are more interested in His ways and leaving their old life behind. True change happens on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…, and not just saying amen to a sermon on Sunday morning.

Pray for your leadership, they need it. Pray for a move of the Lord to fall upon the hearts of your people. Pray for those who are hurting and lost. Pray for your youth, for they are the generation that will replace us. Pray for those who are causing more harm than good. Pray for conviction to fall not only in the lives of those around you but also in your life. Pray for others to join in the battle of spiritual warfare. Pray and then pray some more. As we join hearts and seek after HIS WAYS and not ours, we will see change come. Yes, rise up and take your place as a prayer warrior.


What Say You


You know when the Lord ask us a question He expects an answer. The first question He ministered to my heart Sunday morning was “Is my arm too short to save?” The second question He ministered was “Is My Word too weak to convict?” As He speaks to our hearts each one of us realizes the only proper answer would me “No, Lord.” Yet, do we truly believe that deep within our heart? Are we willing to stand in faith on ALL of His promises not only for our self, but also for every member of our family?

His Word is powerful and nothing can change that. No power on earth or below has the ability to stop what the Lord speaks. This has been true since before the world was formed. Who else has the ability to simply speak and bring a universe to life? Can you speak and make something out of nothing? No, but the God we serve can. He spoke to the sun, moon, and stars and separated the night and the day. What makes you think He will fail to shine His light in the darkest times of our life?

Abraham heard the voice of the Lord calling him out to a new land. Joseph discovered God’s plan for mercy even when his brothers meant him harm. Delivering God’s message, Moses “Let My people go” and Pharaoh had to relent. Joshua followed God’s instructions and crossed the Jordan into the Promise Land. Following God’s instructions, Gideon defeated a mighty foe. As Hannah wept over her barrenness, God heard her cry and soon she brought forth a long-awaited child. Delivering Rahab from prostitution, she found a family. Ruth discovered a hope for her future, a home, and a new love.

The Lord spoke and a lowly shepherd boy became king of Israel. David stood before a giant with only the Word of the Lord and a sling and five stones. The odds for a mere man; impossible, but when the Lord speaks He will fight your battles. Closing the mouths of the lions, Daniel knew the protection of his God. Walking in the fire with the three Hebrews, they came out without a single hair singed or the clothing scorched.

Called from the womb John the Baptist proclaimed the coming of the Messiah. Calling Matthew to follow Him, he left a life of sin behind. Jesus called Peter to become a fisher of men. Blessing the fish and loaves, Jesus feed thousand with food to spare. As He spoke out of the blinding light, conviction filled the heart of the persecutor, who turned and proclaimed Jesus was Lord. The sick were healed, the lepers were cleansed, the blind gained sight, the deaf heard, the mute spoke, and the dead arose.

If we are seeking for direction for our life, He will make His way clear. It will never contradict His Word or lead us into sin. His Word promises to be a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. In addition, His promises are true down through the ages. The Lord has never failed even one of His children since the beginning of time and He is not going to start now. He has a call on every single one of us. Too many want to warm a pew and wait for the Lord to use someone else. The reasons are varied. I can’t do it but often the truth is I am afraid to try. It’s not my job; simply saying I just am not going to try. We can make all the excuses we want but the call doesn’t change.

Is His Word too weak to work in your life? No, but as you seek His face, you must be willing to lay self aside. Do you need answers, dig into His word. Want to know more about the Lord you serve, feast upon His truths. He has the answer for every need you have. He will guide your steps. He will guard your back. No one and nothing will ever care for you as the Lord. Stand on His promises. Proclaim His Word over your life and the life of your loved ones and then stand in faith.


And Your Answer is?


It was just a regular ride to church this morning until the Lord dropped two questions in my heart. At first, my thought was “Okay, Lord, exactly what are You are showing me?” He ministered a little more and I knew who to share it with at church. However, since that time, He has continued to minister that it was for more than just one or two people.

“Is My arm too short?” Those were the first words that came to me, yet a little more quickly followed. “Is My arm too short to save?” How would you answer that question? Oh, we know what the answer should be. In fact, there is absolutely no doubt that the answer should be. “NO! Lord, Your arm is not too short!” We know the answer; however do we truly believe it? Do we have a real grasp of what the Lord is capable of doing, especially when it pertains to our own life or the life of our loved one?

Too often, we believe the Lord is more than able to answer prayers for other, but somehow we fail to see the reality that He is just as able to answer ours. We believe that He is able to heal some sicknesses, but what about the biggies that comes up against us. We believe that He will use someone else to touch a lost soul, but not us. We believe He will minister to the nice woman we speak to at the store, but not so much the drunk down the street.

Yet, is it true – is His arm too short? If He can touch the hearts of others, He is more than able to touch the heart of our lost loved ones. If He can heal the sick across the sea, why would you think it is different for you? If He can deliver the drug addict in the darkest part of the city, He will do the same for your son or daughter, niece or nephew or brother or sister. His arm stretched across the universe, He is more than able to reach you, your loved ones, and your friends. He is even able to reach out to the unlovable, the sin-sick, and those who need salvation throughout this world.

Think about all those impossible situations throughout Scriptures. Noah and his family found safety in the midst of a devastating flood. Abraham and Sarah gave birth to the promise an heir. Jacob found the Angel of the Lord in the darkest night of his life. Moses found God’s presence in the midst of a burning bush. The children of Israel discovered dried ground at the bottom of the Red Sea and again at the Jordan. Joshua saw the power of the Lord at the wall of Jericho. Mary carried a child of the Holy Spirit to give birth to the Messiah.

John the Baptist found the One who was to come after him. Mary Magdalene discovered that no demon from hell could stand before the presence of Jesus. The grave clothes could not hinder Lot when the Lord spoke “Come forth!” The disciples comprehended the lordship of their Teacher in the midst of the stormy sea. Prison doors couldn’t hold those unjustly accused and imprisoned. Every need supplied. Every cry heard.

Our God is more than able to tear down every wall of hopelessness. Pressing into more of the Lord every doubt is destroyed. As we seek His face, He hears the cries of His people. As we pray asking for guidance, He will show the way. No; the arm of our Lord is never too short. He is able to reach across the ages of time and minister hope, joy, peace and grace. Stand in faith, knowing that our God is more than able.

And as for the 2nd question! Check back tomorrow!


Climb Aboard!


Are you ready, ready for the ride of your life with the Lord? As you press in deeper into the Word, feasting on His messages, spending more time in prayer and worship, you will discover things about the Lord and yourself than you have never known before. You will learn how the Lord is moving in your life and in your family and friends. Discovering will be a part of your spiritual walk. You will experience aspects of the Lord in a deeper and often surprising way.

Too many of us try to box the Lord with our limited knowledge. When, in all honesty, the Lord boxes us. He will use situations in our life to reveal our hearts as He sees them. Our boxes get our attention and sometimes bring correction to us. Unfortunately, too many people have the attitude that The Lord would never do that. Well, how do you explain Jonah? Here was a man, called to be a spokesman for the Lord, yet as soon as he hears God’s instructions, he hits the road to the nearest port. Then in the midst of the storm, he finds himself struggling in the water, and finds himself in the belly of a fish. Can you even imagine? Finally, Jonah cries out in repentance and vows to complete his mission.

Rahab, trapped in a city destined for destruction, wanted more in her life than her past. She was determined to learn more about this “God of the Israelites”. For forty years, tales of their great exploits rippled throughout the land. Stepping out in faith, she saved the spies. Saving the lives of her family was her reward. Rahab saw mercy, and grace even in the midst of the battle.
As the disciples sat trapped in a small boat in the midst of the storm, there were no answers in sight. Then suddenly, the Lord appears walked on the water. Hopelessness suddenly became hope as they discovered nothing would prevent the Lord from meeting their need.

As we dig into the Word, it will be planted deep into our heart and spirit. We discover that as we talk with others, the Holy Spirit will bring to our memory verses that we can share to minister to others. In our prayer time, we will be able to stand on His word and promises. We will discover just how little we really know about the God we serve. We will see the depth of His love and the importance of His perfect sacrifice. How great His love for each one of us will become more evident than ever. Then truthfully, the more we dig, the more we will realize just how little we have known until this point.

Praise and worship will become greater as we pour out our love for the Lord. We will learn to enter His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise. Then, His Presence will pour over us as we bend our knees before the Lord of lords and King of kings. Yes, as we press into more of the Lord, we will grow, mature, and become more Christ-like. His light will shine through us. Yes, it is time for the ride of our life.


How Great is Your Need


Prayer that simple act of reaching out and talking to the Lord. It’s not about the many words or making a grand stand in front of others. However, prayer is simply the act of sharing our thoughts, heart, and needs before the throne of grace. It’s more than “Now I lay me down,” or “God is great, God is good!” There is nothing wrong with them as children learning to pray. However, as we grow in the Lord our prayers should change into something more mature. Yet, no matter what our age is, our prayers still reveal our heart’s cries.

As we study Scripture, it reveals different intensities in prayers. We teach our children the little singsongs prayers to speak over their meals and bedtimes. The Word also speaks of prayer, supplications, and intercessions. However, many Christians fail to realize the difference between these three words and believe me, there is definitely a difference in each one.

Think about it this way. We pray over our meals, asking the Lord to bless the food to the nourishment of our body. We offer prayers as we travel asking the Lord to encamp guardian angels and protection around us and our loved ones. We ask the Lord to move in our services and touch the lost and the hurting. When we cry out in these simple prayers, these humble petitions reach the ears of our Heavenly Father.

Another part of the definition of prayer also means “to worship”. As the Lord taught His disciples to pray, two things stick out at the very beginning. The words, “Our Father, Who art in heaven” reveals our relationship with God the Father. No one can approach the throne of grace except those who have a relationship through salvation. The second part is absolute worship “Hallowed be Thy name.” We glorify the name of our God, our Creator with words of adoration. We praise Him for who He is, and how He affects our life.

The more intense the need the more intense our prayer life should become. As we seek the Lord in supplications, the cries of our heart become stronger. We need a move in our life by the Lord. The need is real as is our desire for answers. We humbly approach the Throne of grace and it might be one, two, or more times. Abraham asked the Lord numerous times to spare Sodom if a certain number of righteous people were found. Each time he lowered the number, until he felt it was time to stop. He was not willing to let it go without asking for more grace and mercy.

However when horrible hardships come, we begin to see the necessity for the Lord and His intervention in our life or in the life of a loved one. We cry out in supplication making our needs known. Many times these are accompanied by tears and cries to the Lord, we serve. These are the times in our life when there are no words just our cries of agony. It may be to save a marriage, or the need of one of our children. How many of you have cried out for mercy while watching a loved one enduring a medical crisis? Intercession is a deep gut wrenching cry that we cannot even begin to put into words.

It is during these times of great need we discover the Lord has all the answer s we need. Moses cried out for the Lord to show mercy to Israelites as they rebelled numerous times in the desert. Hagar cried for mercy for Ishmael in the heat of the desert. Nehemiah mourned and interceded for his people when he learned of their suffering. Think about the Canaanite woman who begged the Lord to touch her daughter and deliver her from an evil spirit. She didn’t care if she was considered a dog but was willing to eat even of the crumbs as long as her cry was heard and answered. Even Jesus interceded as He hung on the cross, crying out “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

How deep is your prayer life? Are you willing to cry out for those needs that only the Lord can answer? Are you willing to intercede and not give up? Like Abraham, are you determined to storm the gates of heaven to see the Lord move in someone’s life? As long as there is breath, there is hope. Stand strong in all the Lord is calling you to. It is time to move into prayer as never before. 1 Timothy 2:1 I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men. See More