Never Too Late


Have you ever felt like giving up on someone? You have talked to them until you are blue in the face. You have shared this and that, changed the words, switched tactics and yet NOTHING happens. It is like talking to a brick wall. How, just how can you get through to them? What else can you say, or do, or write or…

As a Christian, many of us have loved ones who have never had an encounter with the Lord. And as a Christian, we want to see those same loved ones come to the place of salvation. We want to see the change that only the Lord can bring to their life. Oh, to see them changed and renewed and on fire for the Lord. And yet, until now it just hasn’t happened. What will it take?

It might be a brother, sister, aunt or uncle or our best friend. Maybe it’s a niece or nephew. Our hearts ache even more if it is a spouse or parent. But when it is our child or grandchild, our heart’s pain is indescribable. The thought of a loved one passing without that gift of salvation is unbearable. “Maybe, if I say…” one more time.

The thing is, we have to face the truth that this battle is not ours. This battle is the Lord’s. It always has been, it is now and it will be tomorrow. He knows the desires of our heart, and He hears the cries of our heart. As deep as our love is for them, His love is even stronger than ours. Jesus was willing to lay His life down for them and He is not going to turn His back on them now.

Do you have a loved one that your heart cries out for? Don’t give up! Don’t let the enemy tell you it’s too late. Stand in the gap in prayer for them. Ask for divine intervention and send people to plant into their life. Pray for a tender heart and good soil. Pray for deaf ears to hear, and blinded eyes to be opened. Intercede and never give up, it’s never over until the Lord says “It is over!” Press in and pray that the Lord to move in the hearts of your loved ones.


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