It’s Time


The rain made it possible for the tears to run freely as she walked down the street. The pain inside was more than she could handle anymore. Or maybe it is the guy who is so frustrated and downtrodden that without even realizing it he slams his fist into a wall. The pain he feels is pale considering the pain in his spirit. Do you know someone like this? They walk in the pain of life every step of every day. Peace is nowhere to be found, yet they keep on walking.

Perhaps you are the one in the description. You keep the pain locked down deep inside because you don’t want anyone to know or discover your secret. The pain comes from different events that have taken place in your life. A betrayal, a broken heart, or a wrong choice and the resulting failure are part of your heartache. Yet, no matter how you turn or what you do, the pain is still constant and with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,

Oh, you might smile in certain situations, after all, no one can see inside that your heart is still breaking, You even manage to laugh at the right times and say just the right words, but inside you still feel like death warmed over. There is no end in sight to the agony and pain you feel. Where can you go and what will it take to overcome. You want; no you NEED to feel alive again. You need to feel; you want to feel like life is worth living. You want joy, peace, and a sense that you belong somewhere in this universe. It doesn’t have to be a big place but you want to feel something other than the intense pain you have carried for so long.

I wonder just how many of the Lord’s disciples felt like that before they heard the voice of the Master calling them. Peter was a hot-head, always ready for a fight. There was Matthew, a dirty tax collector, who was considered the worst of all sinners. Several were nothing more than fishermen; men who toiled constantly for a few stinky fish only to turn around and do it all again. Judas Iscariot, a man who loved his money and was known to occasionally slip a few coins in his pocket out of the treasury. Thomas, a man with many questions and found it hard to walk by faith. Some wanted a position to sit in a place of honor, one on the left side and the other on the right.

Yet in the midst of their life, they hear a voice calling “Come follow Me and I will make you a fisher of men!” The Lord didn’t wave a magic wand and make their life new and wonderful, without any problems. He made their life worth living, He gave them a drink of the living water and they would never be the same again. He gave them life and life more abundantly, oh not with the things of the world, like a big house, fancy chariot or nice clothes. But He gave them a reason to live and life everlasting.

He filled them with a desire to make disciples throughout their corner of the world. They were filled with a love and compassion for those around them. What once seemed like a lost cause as they stood outside the grave of their Master, became alive with hope after the stone was rolled away and they heard the words “He is alive! He has risen from the dead!” Sorrow turned to joy and hopelessness made a U-turn down the street named Life. Despair turned into hope.

You know, Jesus is still in the business of repairing lives today. He has risen and He is alive for evermore. The same changes He made in the lives of His disciples over two thousand years ago are still possible today. No one anywhere is outside His reach. Not you, me or the neighbor down the street, not the hardest heart, nor the worse drunk, or the prostitute, or drug addict are outside the reach of the Lord. Not even those who are in the depths of despair, or grief. Jesus said “Come, come unto Me ALL who are laden and I will give you rest.” He made that promise many years ago and those words are still true today.

Come and be made whole. Come and find love, joy, and peace like you have ever known. Come and discover a whole new world of walking in the love of Jesus. Even now He is waiting for you to accept His invitation. Today is the day of salvation. Today is the day that you can find wholeness. Yes, today is your day to discover life and life abundantly in the Lord.


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