The Needs of One


As we walk through life, each one of us discovers the need for people around us. Not just anyone but people that we can depend on, trust and relate to. Every one of us has a desire to be not only needed, but also wanted. It might come through trusted friends or family. It might be with a spouse that loves us unconditionally, and are willing to love us even on our bad days.

At times, the Lord will join hearts together in ways that few people understand. Their hearts are knit together sometimes closer than a brother or sister. Jonathan and David were that way. These two men had a bond that time and distance could not break. Jonathan was willing to share everything he had with David. Even when Jonathan’s father, King Saul was determine to kill David, Jonathan was just as determined to prevent David’s demise. Jonathan’s willingness to watch over David just made the bond stronger.

There was unity in the small group of disciples after Jesus was crucified and resurrected. They followed the Lord’s instructions to stay in Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit came upon them. And when the promise of the Lord arrived, the Holy Spirit found them “in one accord”. They were ”unanimously, with one mind.” This group had one mindset to pray and wait. That willingness to wait for everything the Lord had for them set them apart from the rest of the world.

Then the power of the Holy Spirit came and their world was turned upside down. This small group of men and women had one purpose to share the truth of the Gospel. They wanted every living man, woman and child to know that name of Jesus. “The Messiah has come and He has died for your sin. Come and listen to us tell you about the love of the Lord.” Some stayed and shared their homeland, but may traveled trying to reach the ends of the earth.

That unity created a group of people who were willing to walk together in the good times and the bad times. They were willing to spend hours in prayer for each other. When one hurt, everyone hurt. When one rejoiced, they all rejoiced. They wanted to help when there was a need, even if it meant selling something.
That is the church the Lord desired then and in all honesty – that is the church He wants today. He wants to bind hearts together. He longs to see His children in unity together – for the purpose of sharing the truth of His love and compassion. The question is; are you willing? Are you willing to lay aside your difference to work together for the greater good? Do you desire His way more than your own?

The world is growing crazier everyday – and we as children of the Most High are the only ones with the true answer. We have experienced the love of the Lord. We have felt His forgiveness. We have seen others touched with His mercy and changed for eternity’s sake. We are more than able to testify what the Lord has accomplished in our life. Are you, as His child, ready to take a step of faith and share with those you encounter the riches you have discovered in the Lord? It is frightening at times and it is hard to know exactly what to say. But this much I know, if you take that first step – He will give you the strength you need. He will fill your mouth with His words and He will help you make that move to be one who will reach out to change your little part of the world. Ask Him to send others of like mind that will be willing to join heart with you, just like the disciples of old. Ask the Lord to bring unity to your church, so that like the church of old, you are ones that will reach out to lost and dying world.


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