Which One Do You Want


How many people do you know that state they are a Christian but their lifestyle reveals a heart far from it? I am not talking about the occasional slip or mistake, because we all make those. That is why Christians need to repent for various things daily. But I am referring to those people who allow the love of things of this world to overcome their actions and ruin their witness. It can be seen all around us every day. This isn’t something that just started happening in our times; it has been here for a very long time.

Saul was anointed by the Lord and began prophesying and yet after he became king, he failed to obey the instructions of the Lord on numerous occasions. When the Lord finally had enough, He sends Samuel to anoint David to become the next king. It would be years before the actual transfers happen but Saul never experiences a close relationship with the Lord again. Saul’s issue was a simple one. He never took responsibility for his actions. Every time Samuel confronted Saul for his actions, he blamed everybody else. It was Samuel’s fault for being late or the people’s fault for running away from the enemy armies. Later on, Saul made certain decisions that he felt were better than the ones the Lord instructed him to do. Saul failed time after time to see his prideful heart. He refused to accept responsibility for his actions.

Samson is another example. Sampson had been chosen by the Lord even before his birth. His parents were given certain instructions to raise this child as a Nazarite. Even before his conception, this couple knew the call on his life to be a deliverer for their people. Judges 13:24-25 And the woman bare a son, and called his name Samson: and the child grew, and the LORD blessed him. And the Spirit of the LORD began to move him… . Samson was blessed and the Spirit of the Lord moved upon him. This man was anointed by the Lord. He was able to do what others could not. When a lion attacked him, he quickly took care of the threat when the “Spirit of the Lord came upon him”. We see an anointing from the Lord repeatedly as he warred against the Philistines.

Yet Samson allowed his love for women to overcome any common sense. He turned to harlots but he knew this was not the way of the Lord. His failures in this one area lead to his downfall through the actions of Delilah. She nagged and nagged this man even as she enticed him with her ‘womanly wiles’ to expose the secret of his strength. Once exposed, the enemy quickly got the upper hand on this man of God. The Lord used Samson mightily and yet Samson like King Saul never allowed godly character to be worked into their hearts and spirits.

We made decisions every day how to live our life. Our speech, actions, attitudes often reveal where our hearts are in the Lord. Even the things we post on line are a revelation to others what our relationship is to the Lord. We all want to be used by the Lord in some way, just like Saul and Samson. We want to Spirit of the Lord to anoint us in order for us to touch others. Yet the Lord desires character above anointing. He can use anyone and anything, like Balaam’s donkey, or Jonah’s fish. But He desires to see His people walking in the ways of the Lord, upright and holy.

Search your heart today. Allow the Lord to shine His light on you. Are there areas that you need His character worked in? Seek His face and He will begin working deeply in your life. Desire not only His anointing but also His character in your heart.


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