What Do You Hear?


As parents, we realize that no two children or grandchildren are alike. Even though they might have the same biological parents, each child is unique in their own way. I have four granddaughters, one is short and the other three are of varying heights and builds. Each one has a distinctive personality and completely different in their actions and attitudes. That definitely makes for some interesting times in their household. How their parents deals with one child would never be effective with the other.

The Lord also has a distinctive personality and is unique in the way He ministers to different people. There are no set rules or methods and there never has been. Every situation is different just like each one of His children. And let’s face it – HE IS GOD and can deal with us as He sees fit! Unfortunately, many of His children believes He no longer ‘speaks’ to His people. But often that is because we fail to take the time to listen.

There is no 1, 2, 3, method! He doesn’t have to a, b, c, before He ministers. There was no clear formula in the Scriptures and if He used different methods then, He will do the same now. There are examples in the Word that we only see one time – such as Moses and the burning bush. Then other times, we see angels being sent to minister like in Daniel shutting the mouths of lions. Or in the case of Peter who was freed by an angel as he lay chained in prison.

Think of all the ways the Lord ministered to His people. Adam and Eve walked with Him before the fall. Can you even imagine that? God spoke to Noah, giving him clear instructions on how to build the Ark. Abram heard the Lord calling him to a new place and promising it to him and his descendants long before he even had the promised heir. As David spent hours sitting on a dark lonely hill guarding his sheep, his heart communed with the Lord. How many hours did he spend singing and rejoicing in what he heard in his heart and spirit? He became a man after God’s own heart.

He spoke to Elijah in that still small voice. Joseph heard clearly from the Lord in his dreams. Daniel had an angel in answer to prayer. Mary, Jesus’ mother, also saw an angel to tell her she had been chosen to be the mother of the Messiah. Jacob wrestled with the Angel of the Lord and he also dreamed of spiritual things. At times, the Lord sent messages through the prophets. Other times, He dealt through His Word as in Nehemiah when Ezra read the law before the people bringing conviction.

Saul of Tarsus was knocked off a horse and blinded with the Light of the World. Jonah was thrown overboard and shut up with the Lord for three days and nights in the belly of a fish. He quickly learned that it is impossible to run from the Lord. Balaam nearly died because his donkey had eyes to see what he could not. In fact the Scripture states that the Lord opened the donkey’s mouth. I f the Lord can use a donkey; He can use anything and anybody.

Take time today to slow down and listen. If you are honestly seeking Him, He will not disappoint you. He will minister to your heart. It might be through the words of a friend, or perhaps a sermon. Maybe as you take a nap, you will dream like Joseph or Jacob. Keep your heart soft. Most of all keep your heart open before the Lord. He is able to use His Word, a song, even a message on line. Please rest in the knowledge that He wants to minister to your heart.


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