Divine Interruptions


“I interrupt this life to bring you a very special moment.” How many times has this happen in your life? Sometimes we fail to see that the Lord is working behind the scenes and it seems like everything in our life is going wrong. It might be waking up late or the alarm clock did not go off. Perhaps it was a phone call just as you walk toward the door to leave. Did you catch every red light possible? Or maybe the car had a flat tire before you even left the driveway. Everyone has seen days like this and most of the time we only see the frustration of the moment.

It is at times like this that the Lord wants to minister truth in our walk with Him. That flat tire made you late for a doctor’s appointment but He might have used it to prevent a serious accident. Or perhaps you sense deep within that you need to slow down. A few minutes later someone pulls out and because you listened to that still small voice you are able to stop just in time.

A situation like this happened just today to a couple on the highway, they have allowed me to share their story. Dianna and Edgar Orea suddenly began experiencing vehicle trouble and had no idea what the problem might be. The vehicle made it to an Advanced Auto store. The employees quickly discovered the problem, the alternator. As the men worked together to replace it in the parking lot, Edgar was able to minister to one of the gentlemen about the love of Jesus. Immediately, the Holy Spirit touched the young man’s heart. Because of this interruption, heaven is rejoicing over a soul won to the Lord. How easily it would have been to allow their emotions of rule but instead the Spirit of the Lord spoke through them. Some people would fail to see how every second of this adventure was orchestrated by the Lord. But there is no doubt in the hearts of the Orea’s that the Lord had everything planned out. Today was the day of that young man’s salvation.

The Lord will use various means to get your attention. The question is, will we allow the Lord to minister to our spirit in the midst of these disruptions or will we react with our natural emotions. The Lord is able to use anything and anyone. Jonah discovered obedience would have been much better as he sat in a fish’s stomach for three days. Rahab was able to leave her life of prostitution behind when she hid the two spies. David’s life was never the same after he listened to the vile words Goliath spoke against his God Jehovah. A young shepherd straight from the fields stood in faith as he slung a rock toward the giant’s head.

When ‘trouble’ comes your way – ask the Lord if He has a hidden agenda. Seek His face for His divine plan. You very well could be like Edgar and Dianna and have the joy of leading a lost soul to the throne of the Lord. Look beyond the interruption and look to the Lord. He will make His way clear.


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