Diamonds in the Rough


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, or so they say.  Every woman loves to have a beautiful piece of jewelry, just as many men like to have a nice watch wrapped around their wrist.  Yet, as nice as these items are they sometimes break or a stone gets lost and it simply becomes useless.   To make these a thing of beauty or useful again, it must be placed in the hands of a master jeweler.

That is true of our life as well.  But think about how a diamond is processed. It doesn’t come out of the ground ready to be placed in a setting.  Most diamonds are found in a dark cave.  It is washed to remove any dirt particles and examine to determine its worth.  It takes a master craftsman to look at this raw piece of stone and be able to see the possibility and worth of the rough ugly nugget.  As he holds the gem, holding it up to the light; he is able to see beyond its roughness.  He sees the different angles and facets that are hidden deep within.  This solitary rock in the hands of the master can become something that anyone would proudly wear.

Slowly, he picks up a chisel and begins to slowly chip away the pieces the hinder the true beauty from being exposed.  Tap, tap, tap – he knows exactly which way to turn his tools to make the most precise cuts.  Bit by bit, he slowly preforms his surgery.  Thankfully the diamond it feels no pain.  At the end of the process, what was a rough, ugly dirty gem that was hidden away from the world begins to reveal its true nature.  The stone is buffed and shined to reveal even more of its hidden beauty. It is a time-consuming act, but the final product is well worth the effort and dedication of the jeweler.    In the hands of the master – it has become a thing of beauty.

This is true in your life as well.  You were found in a dark place – a place call sin.  Sin kept you locked away from the Light of the world.  But as you are drawn to His light – He washed over you with His blood.  That precious blood washes away the stains of the world.  But the process is far from over.  He sees beyond your roughness and sees you in the light of His love.  He sees what you were intended to be – a rare gem – precious in His hand.  Although others around you only see your crudeness, He knows what you are going to look like at the end.

With great love and compassion, this Master begins chipping away the rough edges.  A little tap here, a big tap there; each move is critical for the finished product.  However, unlike the diamond, we feel the ongoing work.  At times, it is like having major surgery without any anesthesia.  Each tap on the chisel produces pain and often agony deep within.  Then the procedure changes – the gems are polished. This is not like polishing your shoes.

The polishing process is sometimes just as painful as the chiseling part.  Sometime a small grain of the diamond is pulled across the face of the diamond and it leaves small gouge.  That happens in our life also.  We are often damaged and scarred by the things around us.  The source of the damage doesn’t really matter, but how we allow the Master to smooth out the damage does.  We can kick and scream to no avail or we can yield to His hands and allow His healing touch to buff out the scars.

There is no easy process or magical formula to help us conform into His image.  But the end result will be a thing of beauty. As each facet catches in the Light of His love – we will shine out into a sin-darken world.   Each one of us is at a different stage in this process and like diamonds – no two are alike and none of us want to be like someone else.  We are each unique and different.

No matter where you are in this journey, always remember – you are in the hands of the Master Craftsman.  As painful as it is, let Him chisel and chip away those rough areas in your heart and spirit.  Relax in His hands and in His ability to take those rough edges away.  Let the beauty hidden deep within come into His light.  You are unique – you are special – you are His.


He is My Everything



At my worse – He shows me His best.

At my best – He rejoices over me

At my loneliest – He stays by my side

At my happiest – He rejoices with me

At my saddest – He cries with me


When I am hurt – He soothes my spirit

When I feel betrayed – He understands

When I am rejected – He never turns away

When I cry – He saves my tears

When I feel threatened – He protects me

When I lose all sense of purpose – He reveals it’s not over

When I reach out to Him – He is always there


All my needs – He supplies

All my strength – He provides

All my hope – comes from His throne

All my dreams – are fulfilled in Him


In my sorrow – He draws me closer

In my despair – He comforts my spirit

In my confusion – He gives me direction


For my sins – He shed His blood

For my life – He offered His

For my crimes – He paid the price

I deserve hell – He provides the way to Heaven

I deserve nothing – He gave me His all anyway


All that I need – is found in Him

He is – my all in all

He is – my Prince of Peace

He is – my Lord

He is – my King

He is – my Savior

He is – the Beginning

He is – the End


Let the truth of Who He is sink deep with your heart, soul, mind and spirit today.



He Knows


No matter what kind of day you are having today – He knows.  If you are having a fabulous day – He knows and is smiling with you.  If it is a hard day – He knows and is sending you His strength.  Maybe, this has been one of the most difficult days of your life; He knows and is standing right there with His arms of love wrapped around you.   As one of His children, He watches over you every second of every single day.

Even when bad things take place, He knows.  Nothing catches Him off guard.  But there are times when we make choices and the outcome brings pain and suffering into our life and we wonder where the Lord is and even at times we question why He didn’t protect us.  But we forget we made the choice to turn away from His perfect path.  Or perhaps the choice was made by someone else and their decision affected our life.  Often, it is just life in general.  People get sick, accidents happen and times get hard.  Yet through it all, we can rest in the knowledge that the Lord is with us.

It is in those times, that we have so many questions.  Was this from the Lord or has He turned His back on you?  How could He allow this to happen?  Will things ever get back to ‘normal’?  The questions just continue endlessly.  Some of the questions will never be answered.  Other ones, we just need to learn that we may never understand, but we can always trust Him.    Some days and events will fade in time, but others will leave their mark – a scar on our spirit. But one thing I have learned – scars remind me where I have been but they also remind me of what the Lord has helped me overcome.

But, if we honestly search the Scriptures, we will find that even in Bible times hardships came into the life of His people.  Slavery held many captive for years.  Infants were killed countless times.  War, accidents, and death were commonplace.  Why?  Because in spite of being His children, we live in a fallen world and people have free will.

Job was a man who lost everything.  All of his wealth, his livelihood, and most of all every one of his children were gone in just a short amount of time.  Even his health was threatened.  The only one left was his wife and even she told him to just give it up – curse God and die.  No encouraging words fell on his ears from anyone.  Everything in his life seemed hopeless and he was helpless to stop it.  And yet this man refused to listen to his wife or his friends.  Slowly, his ears became open to that still small voice.  The Lord began ministering to him. As he listened he once more was able to lift his voice in praise to his Creator.

No matter what your day is like – will you take time to listen for that same voice that Job heard so long ago?  Will you learn to take that one step closer to all the Lord has for you?  Lay aside the heartaches and look to the One who has been with you since the day you cried out to become one of His chosen.  Nothing can keep Him from you.  Listen to the still small voice that is whispering in your ears even now- “I am here!  I will always be here.“

Like the old song says “His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches me.”  If He cares enough to care for that little bird that flits past your window and hops around your yard, you can rest in the knowledge that He cares much more for you than that little feathered creature.  Yes, He watches over you every second of every day.

His Perfect Timing


Hope sometimes comes in the funniest way and from the strangest directions.  This kind of hope can only come from the Lord and reveals the heart of His compassion and love for His children.  Many people have experienced unique events, but struggle to share it with others.  Not because they don’t believe but because they are not sure others will believe what they know is true.  This is one of those events.

She wondered if she would ever learn the truth of whom she was and where she came from.  Even from her earliest memories, her parents had told her she was special, she had been chosen from birth to be their child.  The story had been repeated over and over about the young mother too young to take care of her but she was loved so much that the young girl wanted to be sure she was taken care of, and have a mom and a dad.

When she was older, she was able to locate some non-identifying information from the organization that handled the adoption.  Her parents were correct; her birth mom was young, in fact very young.  She was barely sixteen.  Many years passed as she sat on the information. What was she like? Did she look anything like her?  She always looked at faces as she passed people.  Did anyone bear a resemblance to her?  Did she have any siblings?  The questions went unanswered for many years.

Then one day, as she sat studying Scripture, the Lord dropped a thought in her heart.  “You will see her again soon.”  Immediately she knew who the ‘she’ was?  But, this was crazy.  Her imagination ran wild.  If anyone knew she thought the Lord was speaking to her, they would be ready to have her committed or at least tell her to start seeing someone.  However, at the same time she felt the Lord ministered this to her, the Lord was also ministering the same thing to her birth mom.

Then the impossible happened, an email came from the only adoption search website she had registered with.  Someone else was asking general questions and yet she knew in her heart this was her birth mom.  The next few days emails flew back and forth until both were knew there was no question – they were mother and daughter.  The few pictures they had exchanged left little doubt – their senior pictures were identical except for hairstyle.

Then came that second when they came face to face.  The Lord had indeed kept His word – there was no doubt that both had heard from the Lord.  He did the impossible – without either one actively looking. He opened the door and brought them back together.  There were no detectives, no in depth searches, just one entry on one website.  There is no question that this was a God-moment.  Why was this different than what so many others experiences?  There is no way to answer that.  But this was His way and His timing.

Many people would laugh and say “No Way!” Yet that is exactly how it happened.  I can testify to the Lord doing this first hand.  I am the birth mom and in a matter of months after the Lord ministered to my daughter and myself, everything fell into place.  His timing was perfect.

God’s is still God.  Everything is in His timing and in His way.  We cannot rush ahead of His timing and when we do we end up messing things up horribly.  We cannot lag behind without hurting our self and those around us.  His Word states that He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  If he healed the sick and raised the dead while he walked this earth, we should expect the same today. The lame walked and the blind gained their sight.  He spoke to His people throughout Scriptures – shouldn’t it be the same today.  He longs to have us sit quietly and listen for that still small voice.  He is ministering to His children all the time.  The question is, are YOU willing to take the time to listen?

Ever on His Heart


“Momma has eyes in the back of her head.  I can’t get away with nothing!”  This is a statement I have said and heard many a young person say over the years.  In fact, there is no question that mommas can dig up, search out and investigate better than any detective you know.   Any activity that you want to keep hidden will not stay out of sight for long with a momma bear on the scent that something is going on.  Of course, most kids feel like this happens because their momma is trying to control their life.  But as we grow older, we come to realize that our mommas did all this detective work for one reason.  It was out of love and concern for their little one.  Yea, I know that this “child” is almost a full-fledged adult in the eyes of the world but is any child truly grown in the eyes of their mom?

You see, momma have been the one to carry a little one from the day of conception.  They had to joy of feeling the kicks and pushes from within as well as the pain of bringing this small bundle into the world.  Any woman with a true momma’s heart would gladly give her life in the place of her little one.  That’s how it has been since the day Eve began birthing her children.  And truly, that is the way it should be.

But as great as the love of a strong-hearted momma is, it pales in comparison to the love the Lord has shown upon each one of us.  His word reveals the true nature of His heart.  Even before this world was formed, He thought about you.  He meditated about you before you were even a twinkle in your momma’s eye. He knew the very instance you would be conceived and the moment of your birth.   The second you took your first step, your first day of school and the list continues one were all seen by the Lord long before they happened.

But the event that He cherishes the most is that moment in your life when He listened as your cried out His name and asked Him into your heart.  Think about that for a second.  Long before your birth, this Creator of the universe desired you as one of His children.  He knew everything you did before the moment you asked for forgiveness, and yet He accepted you as one of His own.   The Lord loves you with an unfailing eternal love.  As strong as a momma’s love is, it still is not as strong as the Lord’s love.  He has waited throughout the ages for this time in history to meet with you, watch over you, and guard you in His perfect love.

The presence of the Lord is with you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and fifty two weeks a year.  He never takes a nap, goes to bed or leaves on a vacation.   Unlike many parents, even when He is frustrated by our disobedience and failures, He does not turn His back on us.  On our good days, the Lord is with us.  On the hard days, He still walks beside us.  Nothing surprises Him or catches Him off guard.  You are His child and nothing and no one can change that.

It brings such peace to know that no matter what is going on in our life, He is still there.  There is a security that no one can take from us that even in our hardest times He is with us.  If you feel alone today, know that He promises to never leave you.  If you are suffering in the hardest thing you have ever endured, His strength is flowing over you right now, even if you can’t feel it.  He is right there with you this very moment.  Yes, He is keeping His promises to you right now.  He is with you and always will be.

If your heart is not where it should be in your relationship with the Lord, simply cry out to Him and He will meet with you.  As you seek Him with your whole heart, you will find Him.  When you cry out in repentance, His blood will clean you once more making you whiter than snow.  Yes, He is right there with you this very moment.  But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love Psalms 33:18.

It’s too Hard!


“How can they do that?  How can they watch someone they love go through this?”  “It’s got to be so hard!”  How many times have you heard someone make that kind of statement or maybe even said it yourself?  Yet, it is a statement we seem to be hearing more and more.

However, as bad as it gets, many times we can look around and see someone else in a worse situation.  Years ago, another parent and I stood in a spinal rehab center in Atlanta, Georgia.  Both of our sons had been paralyzed in accidents, my son was thrown from his truck and her son had fell while mountain climber.   As hard as it was, we both felt blessed even in our sorrow.  My son was paralyzed from his chest down and at that moment, he was the only paraplegic in a group of about eleven kids.  He was able to fully use his hands and arms and head.  As hard as it was, I knew how fortunate we were when I looked at the other kids doing physical therapy.

Yet as the other mother and I stood around talking, we saw another patient and her mom turning the corner down the hall.  The little girl had spina bifida, a condition with no known cure and unfortunately, this little girl did not have long to life.  Even facing an unknown future with her quadriplegic son this young woman looked at me with tears in her eyes and smiled.  I will never forget her words “You know, as hard as it is and what we are going through we are so blessed.  It could be so much worse.  We could be like that mom, watching her little girl slowly dying.”  We both could do nothing but stand there with the tears flowing down our faces, lost in our own thoughts.

She was so right that day and that statement is still true today.  As bad as our situation is in life, we only have to look around and see someone else who is having a harder time than us.  It has always been that way and it will continue the same way throughout history.   We endure the hardships out of love.  We stand in the gap lifting loved ones up before the throne of Grace.  We learn to draw on a strength that we know can only come from the Lord.  That strength does not come from within. It comes from the Lord.

Whether it’s parents watching a little one suffer with terminal cancer, or a child watch a parent slowly grow weaker, there is someone enduring more than this.  Or maybe, it’s a single mom dealing with a life threatening condition that they live with every second of everyday.  On the other hand, it might be a family receiving word that their loved one in the military is coming home but they will never be the same.  Or the family who hears the words “I am sorry to report….”

There are no easy answers and truly there are no answers at all.  We must simple learn to rest in the arms of our Lord.  He sees beyond anything we can imagine and sees the backside of our life.  As hard as it is, He is right there with us.  When we lay in the bed at night, crying out silently, “Why, Lord?  Why?”  He will comfort our heart even when there is no understanding.

Throughout Scriptures, we can see the same pattern.  Hardships coming into the lives of the people and yet they can see the hand of the Lord moving on their behalf.  The same God that watched over them is the same one who watches over you today.  He will provide all that you need.  Strength, peace, joy and hope all flow from His throne.  Just let Him minister to your heart and your spirit.  He will meet your need even as you take that next step into this unknown journey.  Trust Him, rely on Him, and allow Him to touch your heart.  He is right there with you even as you wonder “Why, Lord?”  He will continue to be with you as you move past the “Why?” and learned to rest in knowing this God you serve will never leave you.

What’s the Evidence?


“Sir, you are under arrest!”

“Why?  For What?”

“For being a Christian!!”

Imagine hearing those words as someone slapped cuffs on you, dragging you off to jail or worse.  As Americans, we can’t imagine that happening here, but the reality is this is already taking place in many countries overseas.  When we see news reports and images on the internet there is no question that being a Christian in many countries is dangerous and at times deadly.  Unfortunately, as Americans, many people can’t imagine it happening here.  But I do believe that it will happen and a lot sooner than anyone thinks possible.

After hearing a question on the radio the other day, I have thought a lot about the answer.  The DJ quoted this “If they start arresting people for being a Christian, do they have enough evidence to arrest you?”  I don’t know if he made it up or if he was repeating what he heard from someone else.  However, as a Christian it is a question that every one of us should ponder.  Take time to think about that for just a moment.

Do people around you see a difference?  Do you have a sense of peace that comes only from a deep relationship with the Lord?  Does your face reveal joy, love, and security because you spend time in His presence in prayer?  Do you walk with a purpose knowing that He is leading and guiding your every step?  I pray it is so.  As His people, we must be different that those who are not serving the Lord.  How else will we ever show them the path that leads to eternal life?

Is your speech different?  Do they hear words of encouragement and hope?  Or do you damage your witness when you attack another believer, maybe even becoming judgmental and condemning?  Are your words of hope?  Do you seek to share the love of the Lord as you talk to different people every day?  Could your words be the source of evidence that could be used against in a court of law?  Prayerfully the word is yes.

Are your actions worthy of arrest?  Are you seen helping the poor, reaching out to the sick and doing good to those who are on the fringes of society?  Are you someone that can hand a bag with a few essentials to the desperate soul on the corner to help feed them a few bits, with a bottle of clear water?  Maybe you are the one who keeps an extra jacket handy?  Or do you walk into the hospital to minister to someone that needs company?  Maybe, you are that person who visits the shut-ins or the lonely in a nursing home.  Can your effort in these activities be held against you as proof that you walk with Jesus?

What does our life reveal?  Are we living just like everyone else or can someone see a difference in us and our lifestyle?  Could we in danger of detention by our actions and speech?  That is something only you can truly answer.  You know deep within even now the answer to that.  If your answer is no, then recognize you have need for a deeper walk with the Lord.  If the answer is ‘yes’, then rejoice in the fact that you are making a difference already in the world.

Today, as you live your life give the world another example of your ‘crimes’.  Shine in this darken place and be used by the Lord to minister to those who are living in the dark.  Be the one that ministers hope and peace to those who are enduring hardship.  Yea, give the world another reason to hold your life in evidence of your walk with the Lord.  Reveal it in your walk, your actions and your speech that you are a child of the King and not afraid to show it.

You want me to do what?


Recently, I heard of a young man who became angry with his parents. They were trying to surprise him with a birthday present hidden in plain view in his room. All three entered his bedroom. As the three of them stood there, his parents smiled and casually looked around the room. To him it seemed ridiculous and he became irritated. However, he never saw past his own frustration, repeatedly complaining at their “stupid” requested. This went on for several minutes with everyone getting equally frustrated. Finally, his father pointed out the present but the episode was not the joyful moment they imagined. In fact, the expected joy was now at time of anger and pain.

How often we are like that before the Lord. He brings us to a certain place and we wonder why we are standing here. What is the purpose? We look around and see no visible reason why we are in this place, with these individuals. We might not respond like the young man but in the beginning, we often have the same inward attitude. Suddenly, we see a hurting heart, a wounded spirit and we know we have a chance to reach out and minister to them for the Lord. Maybe it’s to speak to a total stranger and just tell them “Jesus loves you!”

We think “I’m too busy!” or “I can’t talk to a stranger” or even “They will think I am a fanatic”. On the other hand, maybe our heart feels like “I just don’t know to do this. No one is going to listen to me.” How many hearts have been left untouched because of our dis-obedience? How many blessings missed because we refuse to follow His leading? We will never know what those missed opportunities may have meant to someone else. It may have been the turning point for one person.

Sometimes the Lord wants us to see His present to make a difference in our own life. Yet, we are too busy looking around to see His gift right in plain view. Maybe you need a touch that will free you from a burden you have been carrying for a long time. Or perhaps, you need a healing touch to ease the pain of a betrayal. He knows every need you have and He will meet you with all that you need.

Naaman was a man whose life was being destroyed by leprosy. There was no known cure. Yet, one little maid of his wife was willing to step out in faith encouraged him to go to the prophet, Elisha. Then, as he faced this man of God, Elisha instructed Naaman to go to the river Jordan. How ridiculous! The Jordan was a swirling mass of filth. How could something that dirty bring healing? Naaman almost missed the chance of total healing because in his mind he could only see the filthiness of the Jordan. Yet, someone encouraged him to obey the prophet’s words and he pressed forward. Imagine how he felt as he made his way toward the water. Did he feel ludicrous as he walked deeper into the swirling liquid? Dip one, two, three –he knew nothing would happen! Diving under for the fourth, fifth, and sixth times – he still has no sign. Gone too far to stop now – it’s number seven. As he came up, he could hardly believe it. He had soft baby skin – not the leprous diseased skin he knew all too well. He received a miraculous healing.

Will we be like Naaman, almost missing the chance to see a healing take place in our own heart or body? On the other hand, we might be the one to stand in the gap and share that healing word. We must learn to be obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Our obedience may well mean one soul redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb. Or maybe, it will be a healing that happens in our own heart, one of a spiritual nature or a physical nature. Bottom line is we need to step out in faith, look for the leading of the Lord. Step out in faith!

2 Kings 5:9-11a So Naaman came with his horses and with his chariot, and stood at the door of the house of Elisha.  And Elisha sent a messenger unto him, saying, Go and wash in Jordan seven times, and thy flesh shall come again to thee, and thou shalt be clean. But Naaman was wroth,

Throw out that Lifeline


“Man overboard!  Man overboard! All hands on deck!”  There are times in most people lives that their friends need to shout out these very words.  Oh, not to draw attention to their friend’s problems or to just share for the chance to broadcast that someone is down and out.  But to loudly proclaim, “My friend is suffering. They are having a really hard time and we need to be praying for them.”

We all have those critical times.  It may be during a catastrophic event such as an accident or a sudden death.  Maybe, they learn of a life-threatening health diagnose for themselves or a loved one.  Maybe it’s after they have been severely hurt by someone they trusted and they aren’t sure which way to turn.  No matter what the event or situation is; they need your love and support.  They need to know that someone is there for them and at the same time feel safe.

Sometimes, when we share the need for prayers, we have the freedom to share the particulars.  Other times, the person is very private and doesn’t want the added stress of exposure.  Still other times, any details should be small in nature just because of the problem.  Some people would say that they need more information so they know how to pray.  But in those cases where we must be careful, we must realize no matter how ineffective we feel as we are praying; the Lord knows every single detail.  All we need to do is be faithful to lift them up to the throne of Grace.

When we pray there are no magical formulas or specific order of words necessary.  But know this; true intercessors are willing to take the time to seek the Lord for the situation.  They do more than just say “God bless so and so. Amen!”  They will cry out for His grace, mercy and healing.  Words asking the Lord to guard them, protect them, and bring restoration to the wounded.  They cry out throughout the day and night for a touch from the Lord.

The Lord will use various means to bring encouragement for the suffering individual.  A card can boost someone’s spirit.    A phone call and the sound of a caring soul on the other end can give hope to that hurting soul to move forward one more step.  In today’s technology, a text or Facebook message can turn someone’s day around from gloom and despair to believe they have hope for today.  A sincere hug and a few words can provide that lifeline to the very person who feels like they are sinking for the last time.

You can make the difference with your prayers and intercession.  As you lift up your loved ones and your friends, you will be able to rejoice as you see the Lord answering your cries and meeting their needs.  Yes, lift up that buoy of love and toss it out.  Throw it with all your strength into His grace and mercy.

Come on in


“Look at me, I love being in the spotlight.” Yea, we all know people like that but most of us are content to be in the background. We don’t mind serving and helping out in various situations; but in all honesty, we don’t like having attention drawn to our self. Spotlight people are necessary and needed, but the individuals that work behind the scenes are just as important. Most of the time, they are the ones who work the hardest. However, that’s okay with them.

In these situations we often look at certain occupations and think it’s a simple job anyone could handle. This is true in the case of a doorkeeper. Just how hard can it be to pull open a door for someone to walk through it? But in this verse, the doorkeeper is different. He knows his job is so important that if he could only do it for one day it would be better than spending a thousand days anywhere else.

He’s a doorkeeper – just an everyday, common doorkeeper. Standing in front of his building, he waits and watches for anyone who might want to gain entrance. He doesn’t guard any other door; just this one. He loves his job and is willing to be on duty twenty-four hours a day. Dedication is his middle name.
The doorkeeper is no one special; yet what make this one occupation so special that it’s mentioned in Scripture. The answer is found in the door. It opens and closes like any other access. However, like a one-way street, this door is an entrance only, no exits. It leads to a place called heaven, a wonderful eternal city where the streets are paved with gold.

As the doorkeeper stands at his post – he beckons to the people passing him. “Do you know about my Door? This Door is so important, it has a name. JESUS! It is by His name and this door that you can enter into heaven. He will change your life forever.”

The doorman remembers the day vividly when he walked through that very same door. Sick with sin, dying a slow agonizing death, heading for eternal damnation, he heard the voice of another doorkeeper crying out “Come lay down your burden and enter in! Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.” His life was forever changed. Now it’s his turn to be the doorkeeper, standing and biding people to come and enter his Door to everlasting life.

So, if you are simply a doorkeeper, give thanks for your position. It is an awesome and critical occupation to have in the Kingdom of God. You are the one who points to the Lord. Your invitation changes the heart of all who listens and enter the doorway of salvation. Stand tall and proud that you have been given this chance to grab hold of that handle and open the door wide revealing God’s love and grace. Yes, stand and proclaim, “Can I open the door for you? You will never regret entering into heart of God.”

Psalm 84:10 For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness.